Charlie Chaplin’s “A Burlesque On Carmen” 1915

Charlie Chaplin’s “A Burlesque On Carmen” 1915 1915 SD

Charlie Chaplin’s 48th Film Released Dec. 18 1915

Charlie Chaplin’s Burlesque on Carmen was Chaplin’s 13th film for Essanay Films. It was released in 1915 and then later recut into a different version in 1916. Charlie Chaplin played Dain Hosiery and Edna Purviance played Carmen. Carmen was very popular at this time and one of the reasons Chaplin decided to create his own comedy version on the opera. Theda Bara had recently played the part in a film version in 1915.

Calificación IMDb 6.0/10 - 488 votos
Título original A Burlesque on Carmen
Duración 31 min
Estreno 18 Dec 1915
Pais USA
Idioma English
Premios N/A
Genero Silent Films

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