Charlie Chaplin’s “The Floorwalker” 1916

Charlie Chaplin’s “The Floorwalker” 1916 1916 SD

Charlie Chaplins 51st Film Released May 15 1916

The Floorwalker was Charlie Chaplin’s first Mutual Film Company made in 1916. It starred Chaplin as a customer in a department store who finds out the manager is stealing money from the store. It was noted for the first ‘running staircase’ used in films. Edna Purviance played a minor role as a secretary to the store manager, played by Eric Campbell.

Calificación IMDb 6.8/10 - 1,401 votos
Título original The Floorwalker
Duración 29 min
Estreno 15 May 1916
Pais USA
Idioma English
Premios N/A
Genero Silent Films

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